Relocating to Montana??? (another post)


I was offered a position in Montana! Helena, that is-----what do you think about the paddling and recreational activities around Helena? Also, what do you think the cost of living is like and how much is the minimum you need to live in Helena?

I’ve noticed they have a good amount of small homes for rent at what I consider reasonable prices. I’m pretty unpretentious guy, and in addition ot the outdoors, books are the only things I really buy. Your thought/comments are really appreciated.

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I live in Bozeman (and have only recently started paddling) so can only give some general info. Helena has great mountain biking and not-so-great skiing. There are a few lakes to paddle on but I'm not sure what the rivers are like there. It's a nice town and not as "yuppified" or expensive as Bozeman. It does get some heavy traffic by MT standards and I hear the Thai food place on Last Chance Gulch is excellent. It doesn't get as much snow as other places in MT and so the hiking/biking trails dry out relatively quick. All of the houses that I've looked at while passing by seem really nice and quaint. I hear Helena is a bit on the conservative/right side.

As for how much you need to live. Well, that depends alot on how you want to live but I would say it could be done quite easily on 30K and you could get by on 20k. I found that the cost of living in Bozeman (and probably the rest of the state considering I pay cheap rent which is the biggest thing that makes Bozy more expensive) wasn't any cheaper than what is was back in PA. Gas is still at $2.29, ice cream is pricey, pizza sucks, fruit, veggies and meat are delicious and usually quite reasonably priced.

Lots to do
Helena is a great town. As for paddling, Canyon Ferry reservoir, an impoundment of the Missouri, is 20+ miles long and ends just outside town. There’s also Hauser lake (?) even closer, but I haven’t been on that one. I’m not a WW paddler, so I can’t speak to that, but there is a lot of flatwater paddling in spots along the Missouri, including a reportedly great paddle along the Breaks downstream from Great Falls. There’s also several rivers within a day’s drive or less that will give you plenty of chances to paddle. There’s great fishing & hunting throughout.

If I could make a living there (and talk my wife into it), I’d move there in a second.

Ditto all of the above
and don’t forget the “Flathead” Lots of lakes in the Swan River valley and in Flathead county as well as Glacier Park of course. (2-3 hour drive, good weekend trip) You wil be busy, busy, busy :slight_smile:

"moving to Montana soon, "
gonna be a dental floss tycoon?