Remedt for "cloudy" clear gelcoat?

I have a Bell black gold Wildfire that was purchased on a pro deal from Bell. Part of the deal is that you are subject to cosmetic seconds on the hull. I ended up with a hull that has a milky looking area on one side of the bow approximately 40 sq. inches or so.

Anybody know of any fixes for this condition? This condition is strictly an aesthectic one but would like to fix it if possible; would enhance the split cherry/ash wood trim nicely.

Sounds like …
A good place for a name or a graphic…

cloudy fix
try hitting the area with a blow dryer ( the hair type). Let me know if it works.

cloudy: addendum
By the way, you’ll want to get the area good and hot, so run that blow dryer for a few minutes. You should see things clear up.

Sounds like a good suggestion…
I will give it a try and let you know. Thanks for the info.