remember the epic journey of my kayak ?

those of you who remember the recently posted story of the epic journey of my Explorer will appreciate this last bit of news.

i got a letter in the mail today with pictures, sent from switzerland by the folks who found my boat. they sent me back the contents of my wallet but apparently are not planning on sending back the contents of the hatches. they said that evidently i had “lunch” in the day hatch and that it rotted and ruined everything else in there. peee uuuuu.

in the pics, the boat looks quite a mess but she said her kids cleaned it up as best they could. no idea what it looked like after cleaning. seeing the boat brought back fond memories of the places we’d been together.

i’ll try to scan the pics (they look like xerox copies) into my computer and post them next week.


message in a bottle
desire to connect with a bigger world go with it dude!

what a story

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as I recall your boat was found by a freighter off the coast of France. But I missed something.. How did she end up in Switzerland? This was an awesome story. Can you fill in this last little blank for me and others who may have missed it??

Just think Dan--you might have lost the boat, but you'll be telling this unbelievable story for many years to come. How cool is that??!!

Think of it …
…as a trail separation. It happens to people all the time…

Too bad we can’t put our ex on Ebay…

submit it!
That was some incredible story… once you get the pics, you should write it up and submit it to Brent as a Weekly Article.

switzerland ? - - -
it was taken aboard a sloop which was bound for germany by way of the azores. switzerland is where they live.

Did they go
Down the Oder river with it? Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Your kayak certainly
lives up to its name. Cannot wait to see the photos. It weathered the Atlantic storms, the rain and snow, etc. This is an incredible story.Thanks for sharing with us.