Remember the name of the valley boat

Does anyone remember the name of the SUPER high volume valley expedition boat, it was bigger than a nordkapp and the aquanaut, and the skerrey by some stretch.

If you can think of it, post the name, it’s been driving me crazy all day.

you sure it’s a Valley you are thinking of?

they had one boat they made in the late 90s that was a beast, can’t remember the dumb latin name they gave it.

Selkie was high volume …but not really an expedition kayak

I remember
I remember it…the name will come to me in a bit

Valley Aquila
And yes, it was huge.

you’ve done it Kieth…that is going to bug me now too…I test drove one back then…I can still remember it was British racing green over yellow…a Packers color scheme…BIG kayak


Not a Valley, but maybe…
It’s not a Valley, but could you possibly be thinking of the Seda Glider? GREAT kayak. Long - 19’, 21" beam, lots of room for camping gear, and FAST.

HV Valley