remix 59 LL

Hi…Im new to WW kaying. I am 5"7 bout 155 pounds. I have a remix 59 in my possession. Is this a good boat for me do to beginning white water? I have an older auqaterra chinook that I just love for slower rivers and things. Thanks!!!

There’s only one way to find out…
Get out and try it. Is there a WW group nearby that you can hook up with.

I would even sign up for formal ww
instruction. You’ll need advice on safe outfitting as well as on wet exit, paddling technique, roll instruction. Some clubs can handle all that, some can’t. I managed on my own back in '90, but I had been paddling (decked) ww c-1 for over 15 years at that time.

the boat is fine
a remix 59 will put you into the middle of the learning curve- not real aggressive, but also not super forgiving.

Remixes are good all around ww boats. I stuggled a bit in big water in a 59 when I tried one out. I felt like I wanted a little more boat under me but I’m also 60 pounds heavier than you and had gotten used to paddling longer boat designs with more volume.

Go out and have some fun and find some folks you can hook up with in your area. You’'ll learn faster and be safer that way. Make sure you put some airbags in it.