remix 59

hello! so I am new to white water paddling. I am 5’7 about 155 pounds. I ended up buying an end of season LL remix 59. I am unsure of whether I should have bought the 69. could someone please explain the advantages of either boat for my size…Thanks for all! god bless!

Also try
Many more paddlers there with experience with the Remix series. Personally I think you’ll be ok in the 59, especially in the learning stages.

yep, should be okay,
how do you fit? snug yet comfortable is what you want, with good points of contact with the knees and hips. I weigh around 220-225 ish and tried out the 59 because that’s what a friend had and was looking to unload at a reasonable price. For my weight I found the boat to be a bit more aggressive than what I was looking for. I felt like I wanted a bit more boat under me in big water (upper new 13,000 cfs). That feeling probably would have gone away some if I continued to paddle the boat and got more comfortable with it. If I still felt that way after a year of paddling (50 trips) I would have unloaded it and gotten something else. I didn’t end up getting the boat at all but I think that’s the approach I would take if I were you. Remixes are well designed boats that make good all around river runners and with your weight you should be in the middle of learning curve with the 59. Time on the water will tell. Give the boat a chance and worry less about what the experts think. A little seat time and you’ll have it sorted out.