Remix xp 10 leaking hatch cover

First time using my Remix xp10 I had 3’ of water in the rear compartment. Filled it with water at home, tipped it over and water poured out around the hatch cover.
Anyone else have this problem? Is there a fix?

It sounds like you need a new hatch cover. That happens - they can degrade over time.

Inspect the rim on the hatch itself, but it’s probably just the cover

Almost certainly need a new hatch cover. When you filled the rear compartment you would have seen if the bulkhead or skeg box was leaking or if a small hole had been worn in the stern from dragging the boat, which should never happen.

Look for cracks or loose fit of the cover. If turned upside down with a few inches of water in the rear compartment water should not leak out other than perhaps a few drops.

Make sure you have the hatch installed correctly. My Remix xp10 used to seep some water if I had not put it on right. Also, if you did some rolling, check the skeg cable penetration on the bulkhead…they often let water pass by.

FYI, went out today for some rescue and roll practice and finished the day with about an inch of water in the day hatch of my sea kayak. I’m 99.9% certain I was sloppy puting the hatch on today because during 2 weeks of paddling/kayak surfing in February the compartment stayed dry.

3 feet of water sounds like a lot for a kayak… ;0)

Many rotomolded plastic plastic boats have trouble with leaky hatches. The basics are that when the main body of the kayak is molded, it shrinks as it cools coming out of the mold. This shrink varies depending on a variety of factors, including air temp, humidity, etc. So the molding process ends up being ore art than science, and the manufacturer gets a variety of sizes. So the hatch opening could be slightly different sizes.

The hatch covers are a different material, so don’t have the same shrinkage pattern. So it is common to have a hatch cover that looks like it fits, but actually leaks.

Seems more common with brands that aren’t used to using hatches - the white water brands making cross overs or day touring. The brands that have sold hatches boats for a long time have solved some of the problem (but have less leaks, not no leaks). Probably as simple as having the assembler try different hatch covers to mate with the boat and have a feel for what would give a better seal.

If this is a new boat, I would contact the manufacturer. Could be warranty issue. A possible fix (what at least one other brand does) is to send you you a new rear hatch cover that hopefully fits better. If not new or warranty, ask around and see if someone else also has this problem and you can try swapping hatch covers. Or just up and buy a hatch cover from Liquid Logic.

I’ve seen some add electrical tape around the outer lip of the hatch opening to fill in space where it might leak from.

And a boat I bought used - the prior owner actually heated and used jigs to stretch the hatch opening to enlarge and make the hatch fit tighter. That is kind of extreme, IMHO.

I have always stored boats that have flexible (“snap-on”) hatch covers with the covers off or partially off. My thinking is that doing so may reduce stretching and loosening of the fit over time. Is this a reasonable thing to do, or is the benefit only in my imagination? Note that I have inside storage, but not climate controlled, so they’re not exposed to rain, snow or sun. Only a few spiders get in …

I own and paddle an xp10. My hatch cover is probably not exactly like yours, I think they redesigned it. I bought my boat used and it had a crack in the foam wall so my hatch was never completely dry,. I also think the caulking leaks a bit. My hatch cover’s tab has broken off so now I pry it on and off with a flathead screwdriver. The old hard cover is bomber though, it seems to get a vapor lock. My problems all stem from the wall between the compartment and the rest of the boat. Have you tried putting a spraykirt on it? I went with a seals 2.2. Easier to get on and off than some sizing charts.