Remix XP10 - Skirt?

Just wondering if anyone out there can tell me what will fit on an XP10. I realize I basically need an XXL deck size… does anyone know if Snapdragon’s XXL deck fits this? The width looks ok, but the length may be a little long.

Thanks in advance!

xp skirt
Immersion Research makes a custom skirt for the XP 10. I would call them.

Skirt for Remix XP 10
The Seals neoprene models in the 2.2 size fit very well. I spent five hours today in mine exploring some new river channels formed by all the rain the past several days.

Excellent timing…
…because I’m in the market for a skirt for my XP9.

Mountain Surf
makes an “EWK” deck size that should fit and is reasonably priced.