Remote ADK or Northeast Canoe Trip

I’m looking for a remote, 3 day-2 night ADK or Northeast canoe trip without tons of carries. I have done the Raquette and the Saranacs. I have the guide books but would welcome any suggestions. Thanks!

Low’s Lake
Bog River Flow to Low’s Lake. One short carry at the dam.

Remote Adk trips
Low’s is a great suggestion. Another, if you’d prefer a river trip, would be Oswegatchie. Can paddle 20m above Inlet w/ only short carry around High falls. With a shuttle & willingness to carry 3m. you can do both. But it’s easy to fill 3 enjoyable days on either.

A willingness to carry vastly increases your options. Enjoy.

Remote ADK Trips - Thanks
Thanks. I like a little carrying to get the blood flowing, but I’ve done a few of the “pond hopping” trips it was a bit much. Wouldn’t mind a trip some carries…just not 9.

I love river trips. Do you think you can do lowes lake to Oswegatchie down to Inlet in three days?

Low’s -Oswegatchie traverse
Is easily doable in 3 days although there’s enough wilderness there to occupy much more time. As a day trip I’ve done the rte numerous times in in approx 8 hrs. That’s w/ single tripping the 4 carries. The 1st, @ Upper dam is only 30yds if you paddle up sluiceway & takeout on left, across from register box on rt. The 4th @ Hi Falls is < 100yds. The longest 2 carries, on either side of tiny Big Deer Pond between the W end of Low’s & Oswegatchie put in, total 3 m. I plan on 1:40 +/- to complete this section.

A search of past threads in this forum will yield lots more info on this rte.

It’s a magnificent journey ! Only development (other than avoidable scout camp waterfront)is one camp on Low’s. Carry & Upper Oswegatchie pass thru largest remanining stand of old growth in East. 60(?) mile shuttle’s a pain, however, especially if you’re not arriving from W.

Thanks - Quebec Brook to St. Regis???
Thanks. Did you do the whole trip from Low’s to the Oswegatchie all the way down to Inlet in 8 hours??? Wow.

I have also been looking the following trip: Madawaka Flow to Quebec brook to the St. Regis to Blue Mountain road bridge. What do you think?

Looking for a few suggestions myself
and was wondering what book you referred to? I’ve done Lows lake about 5 times now and it’s fantastic, especially with all the loons, but would like to find some new places to.

Adk guidebooks
The “Bible” of Adk paddling remains Paul Jamieson & Donald Morris’ “Adk Canoe Waters-North Flow” (ISBN 0-935272-43-7)I understand Don has been working on an update but hard to stay current w/ all recent new state acquisitions. Alec Proskine’s “South & West Flow” covers the rest. Both are published by Adk Mt Club & a bit dated.

Click on interactive map @ this site for great overview of paddling possibilities both inside blue line & nearby:

Printed copies are available. DEC also has numerous printed & online brochures which include newer acquisitions.

LTL to Rock Pond
Little Tupper Lake to Rock Pond

Cedar River Flow to NP lean-to

If you want remote
Sand lake is the place but you would half to go in the spring when the water is high

There is one other place very few people know about near high falls on the oswagotche, but theres an up hill carry

Heading to the Cedar Reiver Flow as soon as the weather breaks - I know, even in the ADKs this hasn’t been much of a winter - but as soon as we get t ocanoe weather - I will be doing a 2-3 canoe camp on the Cedar!


ADKs weather
Yeah, it hasn’t been much of a winter here in the east. Can anyone who lives in or near the Adks say how thick the ice on the lakes is? Must be kinda thinner than usual. What’s you best guess for ice out this year?

Counting the days…

ADK Thaw?
My first experience canoeing in the ADK (I am from Long Island) was early last spring… I contacted the DEC and they gave the general rule of thumb regarding thaw as anytime between April 15 to May 1, depending on, of course, the size of the body of water, the kind of winter experienced, etc.

Monitoring the local weather in April and contacting the local ranger (DEC) is the best way to ensure you’re paddling and not skating!!!

Paddle on!

Still Snowing…
I just returned from the High Peak region where snow finally blanketed everything in the valley. I think they are still ice fishing on Schroon Lake. I know, I know…I can’t wait either.

ADK Snow…
Given the ‘lack of traditional winter’ this year I am hoping that whatever the last month or two brings we get to Spring sooner than most years - again, like a little kid, I am anxiously awaiting ‘the melt’… bring on Flowing Water!!!

Paddle on!