removable kayak deck

Would like to have a removable rigid cockpit deck to which I can add a rod holder, a working surface, lure cup, ruler, and hook plier holder. It would fit in the bow angle of the cockpit opening of my rec kayak (pungo 120). Does anyone know of a manufactured deck I could use as basis? If I make it out of fiberglass, does anyone know of an secure mounting method?

I know of no commercial rigid deck.
I made my own for one kayak out of 1/8" plywood, secured it with aluminum bar stock underneath with bolts and wing nuts for ease of removal. It worked well. 1’8" aluminum plate would be better, though. Basically, the clamping system is just like what you see with canoe trolling motor mounts, the bar fits under the cockpit coaming.

Now, I use a plastic crate that delivery people use for 20 oz soft drinks. It has shallow sides. Instead of the aluminum bar stock, though, I use a 1/2" by 1" wooden bar to clamp it in place, along with wing nuts. I also mount a similar crate on the sterm deck with bungees for carrying my bait bucket and easy access to may cast net and landing net.

Gotcha covered…
Send me an e-mail address and I’ll send you pics of my creation. It ain’t pretty but it works.

I’ve seen others that were very well done and creative. One guy even put a drawer beneath his. I think he hangs out atr TKF.

I used an old street sign (free aluminum). The only permenant modification to the boat was the addition of three eyelets that basically form a triangle at the front of the cockpit. Two stainless ‘S’ hooks attach the rearward part of the deck to the boat and the fore end is attached with a cord that is looped through the eyelet and a small stainless shackle.

Like I said, it ain’t purty but it works. Maybe the pics will give you some ideas and you can make improvements when you construct your own.

The only commercially availble device that I recall seeing is a bar that goes across the cockpit that you can mount rod holders on. If I remember right it was kinda pricey (IMO).

one link to a strip boat
with a removable deck…

If you make it
I’d work in some D-rings and mount some pad-eyes to your cockpit deck and clip it together with bungee line.

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Probably the Scotty bar, $45 at Academy,
allows mounting three rod holders, another $18 each, or a gps, cell phone, or other after buing the mount for the object at still more money.

I made a removabe deck for my sundance 120 out of 7/16ths plywood cut to match the shape of the front part of the cockpit. It fits snuggly into the recess that surrounds the edge of the cockpit, and is held in place with a couple of pins that go through the lip of the cockpit and the plywood. The plywood has been epoxyed to make it waterproof and I mounted my rod holder and GPS unit on this deck so I wouldn’t have to drill holes in the kayak itself.

plywood deck
My homemade sit-in kayak deck (for a Pungo 140)has lasted 4 seasons of coastal & lake fishing for largemouth, smallmouth, blues, mackerel, stripers and now smelt. If your comb is flat just trace it and cut out of plywood the piece that will lie on top of the comb and another layer & spacer that will engage underneath - mine bungies to the front grab loop so I never had to drill the hull at all. Bought a steel rod holder at West Marine… Handled a 43" striper without any problem - I can email pic’s.

no drill Rod Holder
I took a plastic cutting baord and cut it to mathc the recess in my boat. ti works great. Then i just use the front bungee straps to hold it in place. No drilling and works great. i have caught alot of different kinds of fish and never once had a problem. i know of friends who have cut slots and holes in the back edge of the cutting baord to hang lures and pliers. i even saw one person put a slidding tackle drawer on the under side of it. Hope this helps.

I had the same problem
I like the idea of useing a plastic cutting board. I think I will give it a try. Thanks

I had been trying to figure how to rig a cutting board on one of my boats. I had all manner of elaborate schemes, none of which worked out. Somehow the simplicity of “cut it to fit the cockpit and strap it on” had eluded me. Brilliant. I’m going to give it a try!! Ocham’s Razor heads its rear my way yet again.

The idea of putting in a tool holder is great. I keep my tools in a sack with a drawstring. I could put on a hook and hang it from the board. If I put my thinking cap on again, I may be able to figure out a bungee that’ll go around the combing and let me wear a nylon skirt under it and still do a wet exit when needed. Thanks for getting my mind racing!!!

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