Removable middle seat

Putting a middle drop-seat in my MR Eclipse with Alum gunwales. Ash seat with stainless steel bolts. I plan to use wing nuts on bottom to remove the seat when I am tandem or tripping.

When the seat is removed, is it OK to leave the holes open in the gunwales? Or should I make some small “blanks” to install for a solid gunwale connection. Does it even matter?


Some people like a really dry boat but
unless you are in rough water or doing an incredible amount of edging, it would be hard to see how much water could get in.

Do you paddle the Upper Delaware River?

Top of gunwale
The holes will be in the top of the gunwales, not in the side. I was more worried about structure, or if water inside the aluminum gunwales themselves is bad?

I live near Yardley, so mostly paddle south of New Hope. I think I am going to do the entire DE river next year? Start in West Branch all the way to Cap May?

Do you live near Upper DE?