removable skegs for flat rear deck

here is a prototype skegs system for my greenland style boat.

it is completely non intrusive, lashes onto existing fittings on my boat, and fits in the rear hatch. the skegs are raised and lowered using a fiberglass control rod that reaches to the side of the cockpit coaming. the system consists of a piece of broom handle, a plastic tube slightly larger in inside diameter than the broom handle, two marine ply blades, ss screws and washers, and a 3/16" fiberglass rod about 3 1/2’ long.

reminds me of tail fins on a 57 chevy!

I’ve considered something like that for
my Phoenix Isere so that it doesn’t spin when I stop paddling.

How does it work so far?

Kind of like Duane Strosaker’s

phoenix skegs
heres a retractable aluminum skeg on my phoenix appalachian

its attached using 1/8" x 1 1/8" aluminum straps ( an old aluminum ruler) i’ve been using it for years with no problems.

here’s another skeg on a phoenix cascade. i cut a vertical slot in the stern with a hand saw and did an ‘end pour’ with insulation foam to house the aluminum ‘drop skeg’

these skegs are very effective. the boats track ‘like an arrow’ with skeg deployed.

i haven’t had a chance to test my ‘training wheels’ skegs yet. i hope to get out in some wind this afternoon : ) i hope this is helpful…

i’ve never paddled an isere but for me i think it might be an ‘ultimate do everything’ boat. with skeg of course