Removal of high seat back

I recently purchased another Necky Manitou 14 (shorter sea kayak at 14’4"), this time a 2015 model, which unlike earlier models with foam type and lower back seats, has an adjustable seat back and is way too high even at lowest point, for this senior citizen, 5’2" woman to get the skirt (neoprene w/nylon top & straps) on plus my PFD (Extrasport w/thin lower back area). I use this type boat on rivers and big waters. Pine, Manistee, Betsy, AuSable, etc. rivers and Lakes Michigan and Huron.

Ready for “mind picture”? Here goes—

I can get it all on, but due to my short, 5’2", stature, the neoprene (skirt) portion behind the seat is very snug and I am concerned that should I go over it will not release sufficiently in that area. It’s that snug against the seat.

I have kayaked for over 22 years, take “safety/rescue” instructions yearly, live along a river where I also practice and never paddle alone except on ‘my’ river.

I do not roll so that isn’t an option.

The seat/thigh brace configuration and/or connections on this specific model tends to all be connected in one flow, but I believe I may be able to remove the seat, take off the back, replace it with a band, then put the seat pad back in. I will be taking photos & measurements prior to doing so.

I have always valued feedback from my fellow, “experienced” kayakers, so if they know of or see any other options I may have, I would be pleased to have you share them.

Thanks a bunch!

Immersion Research
makes two backbands you might want to check out: the Reggie and the Loungeband, with the Reggie having a lower profile. I have the Reggie to replace a flimsy and floppy backband that came with my QCC10x. I just cut away the backband from the seat cushion, and was able to attach the Reggie to the existing fittings in the cockpit/seat assembly. The IR backband came with a couple of fittings/straps to accomodate different installment installations. Perhaps this might work for you if your Manitou has hardware to anchor a replacement backband. Good luck!

Thanks for the info. I will check into the bands you noted.

I am from the Grand Rapids, MI area. Who knows. Perhaps our paths will cross one day.

Second the IR band
I put one on my Pygmy a couple of years ago.

Do you paddle with any of the Western Michigan clubs? I know some over there have history of modding kayaks.

I’m near Lansing & paddle mostly with LOAPC but do help with the WMCKA symposium.

the IR bands. Easy to install, well thought out, helpful videos on their site. A+