remove eye strap question

How do you do it?

Drilling out the rivet not only is a pain but there is a real risk of adding more unwanted holes!

Thought about Dremmal tool to lop off rivet head- not sure if that approach would release strap.

I have about four straps I want to remove, but, I want to try and save the eye straps.

Suggestions please!


On plastic boat?
I have a pair of bolt cutters, and basically destroy the eye strap by putting the cutters on them and going through the strap and the poprivet. Eye straps cost about 50 cents why bother. You can also drill them out, usually end up making a mess in the end.

For pop rivets, I have never needed to
drill clear through the rivet. I just use the tip of the bit to cut through the inner part of the rivet flange. Afterward, the rest of the rivet can be pushed through.

If you are dealing with a solid rivet, such as may be used in some straps, Then very careful, patient work with a Dremel and cutting wheel may get you through.

You say you want to “save” the straps, but if you can tolerate a minor loss of length, you may be able to just cut the rivets off. Then use Seam Grip, soaked across the entire end of the strap, to render the end of the strap semi-solid for a new rivet or grommet. That way you may not need to double the strap over and sew it. The Seam Grip trick has worked well for me for putting grommets in thigh straps in a C-1, a very demanding application… a lot of force goes on the grommet and the end of the strap.

eye straps I’m refering to are the black plastic ones that hold seats and stuff on SOT’s. Not the webbing kind.

When you look at the cost ( 50 cents) you have a valid point. I am gonna whack those buggers off.