remove fish odor

Can anyone recommend a product that removes fish odor, from your hand and from the bottom of the boat,after handling your catch? I am refering to bear proof scent removal.What do you do?

For your hands Cabela’s sells a product called The Wonder Bar. It is metal, and you rub it on your hands after washing them with soap and water

and it takes away all odors. (fishy smell, gasoline, etc.) Lemon juice will also work. After you wash your hands rub them with a cut up lemon and rinse them off with water. For the inside of my kayak I use Simple Green.


A bottle of Real Lemon can easily be
carried for lemon juice. Don’t use it if you have cuts or fish fin gouges on your hands. It’ll sting. Can be diluted too.

Vinegar might work, is cheaper and easier than lemons.

Fish Odor
Learned this trick from my fishing buddy who is a dentist.

Use tooth paste to wash your hands after handling fish. Works great, gets the odor off as well as the dirt.

Don’t have to use expensive tooth paste, even the cheapest stuff works.

The tubes do not take up a lot of room, are waterproof, and will not break.

Have even used tooth paste to clean up my kayak after storing fish. Squeeze some paste onto a very wet rag, squeeze the rag to get it foaming and scrub away.

Simple Green
works well on lots of odors, and even works on old Rover if he tangles with a bad kitty. Good stuff.

Warning about tooth paste!
Bears are attracted to it as well as fish. Toothpaste is what I use for fish odors at home but,I do not use it in bear country.

cook’s soap
Have you tried cook’s soap… This isn’t the brand my wife buys but looks similar… it is at the bottom of the page…

fish odor
clorox mixed with new dawn is what we use on our commercial boats

Wash your hands a couple of times in a handful of table salt and the fishy odor is gone.

Good fishing

I’d have to go with Lees
i mean he is in that buisness, but if you were like me you’d just rinse with water and wipe dry on your jeans/shorts and throw em in the wash for the wife. Ok, my apologies in advance to all the wives, just throwing out a little bait there (chuckle).

remove fish odor

Here is a link on how to get rid of fish odors.

I think the powder you find there will be just what you have been looking for. You would wet your hands and then sprinkle a bunch all over your hands, then rinse off in the lake. It is completely safe for you and the environment.

Best of luck with those stinky hands …LOL

Paddle yer ars off!

Peace out…

invite the bear to go fishing with you. Then he can catch his own fish. Problem solved.


Seriously though…

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A little bit of baking soda rubbed on the hands after they're dry, or sprinkled and rubbed about the bottom of the boat will do the trick nicely. Takes up very little room if you pour some in a small ziploc bag.

The lemon juice works great as well. Just hope the bears haven't been drinking lemonade. Great ideas here. Splash

Stainless Steel

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There are some hollow stainless steel soap bars on the market (no soap just s.steel) that remove odors such as fish, onion and garlic from your hands. I got mine at the local dollar store. Actually rubbing your hands over anything that is stainless steel will remove these odors. I carefully use my knife blade when in a pinch. Not sure how it works but it does!
As for how to tackle fish odors left in your canoe. Prevention may be the best cure. Use a kreel, stringer, live well, or liner your canoe to prevent contact beforehand.

Have you guys tried good bye smell??/


the best product on the market is FISH-OFF. This is PH-Neutral and biodegradable. Best of all it removes jut about the smell off everything.