Remove foot peg system from Sit-on-Top K


I am a newbie to this forum, and a newby to the SOT kayak. I am an experienced paddler, having been in kayaks and canoes since I was 7. This past month, I finally pulled the trigger on a new 'yak. I purchased an Emotion Mojo Angler. I absolutely love this boat! As a big guy, 6’3 375lbs, finding a boat to fit me that didn’t have the word ‘tandem’ in it’s name was priority 1. Even at the weight limit, the Mojo holds me well,is very stable and fast in the water. I tried on a few other SOTs but found the right fit in the Mojo.

Anyway, after some research, we rented a Mojo for me and a Co-Motion for the wife and daughter. We were hooked!

Now I have my Mojo, but I find that the foot peg system is causing me some discomfort in my knees on longer trips. I have the foot pegs out as far as the track will go, but I am still bending my legs a little too much. The ‘bulkhead’ for the seating area is about 2" further, and with a little test (put the foot pegs as far forward as possible, then put my feet on the bulkhead) when my feet rest on the bulkhead, my knees are slightly bent and the comfort level is 100 times better…

My 2 questions for my fellow SOT yakers are:

  1. is there any thing wrong(will I warp the boat or damage it by using the bulkhead as a footrest) with me removing the entire foot peg/rail system?
  2. what is the best way to seal the 4 screw holes which will be left once I remove the foot peg system?

    We are losing weight, but the arthritic knees are just a fact of life for me!

    Thanks for the advice in advance!


I have the same problem in my
Tarpon 120, so I just remove the part your foot goes on. Then I can loan it to someone else by just putting the foot braces back.

However, for the same reason,I removed the rails and braces from my Seda Revenge.I just put the screws back on the holes. If you think they might leak, just put a rubber gasket on the screw first.Those holes are so small,I can’t imagine them being a problem.