Remove kayak seat

Has anyone removed a stock seat from a QCC 700? Is it glued to the hull at the bottom? How do you get it loose with damage to the hull?

I can’t speak about QCC’s specifically
…but perhaps some of the techniques I’ve used on VCP boats may work for you. You can see them in my “Seat Removal & Replacement” album on Webshots at:

Removing stock seat in 700
Yes, I have removed one. Not hard to do, but not for the faint of heart. It is a bit of work as it is attached with some damn aggressive adhesives.

The seat is glued to the hull with the adhesive under the flanges at front and rear.

The side posts are glued to the seat pan along the sides and you can see the beads of the adhesive there.

I used a chisel to break the bonds - and went VERY slowly and carefully - which can be a trick as it can take some force. If you are careful to avoid and actions that can damage the hull layup - the biggest risk is cracking the seat pan. Again, go easy. If you’re replacing it with something else no big deal.

QCC Seat Removal
Perhaps you should reach out to Envyabull also. I bulleve he has already shared this advice somewhere on the forums in the past as well as how to “plexus” your seat back in place. As previously stated, not an easy task under any circumstances as I recall.