Remove SmartTrack Pedal?

Would like to foam out the front bulkhead on a Tiderace Xplore. The kayak came with a SmartTrack pedal system in place–no rudder, just the adjustable pedal system. Is it possible to remove the pedal and leave the track in place w/o removing the track to get the pedal off? I could pull the whole lot and insert new “bolts” in the holes, but wondered about something simpler. All advice welcome. Thanks in advance, John

It would be a bear to get at.

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There are two large spring clips that hold it in place.
If the cable is attached you would have to take the cable out first.
Then you would need to get the two spring clips out.
After that you would need to rotate the pedal until it came off the round plastic portion that it rides on.
If you don't want the foot brace pedals, I would take the whole system out. If I did want them I would take the system out, remove the rudder pedals and then put the tracks with the foot brace pedals back.
If you take the whole system out, you can easily patch the holes by wetting out a small piece of fiberglass and putting it on the inside of the hull over each hole. When it hardens use a bit of epoxy on the outside. while it is still wet, cover it with a small piece of plastic film like overhead projector film. Tape the film down tight over it with masking tape. the next day remove the tape and use automotive spray paint to match your hull.
Or you can simply do what you said in your post and just put the machine screws back. I would use a rubber washer if I did that.

side note: If you are using your boat in salt water on a daily basis, (a thousand miles a year), take the system out and throw it away. The tracks will rot out and you will be constantly replacing parts and pieces.

Jack L

Jack, you are a gem. Much thanks for this and all the wise and thoughtful advice you provide here. John