Removeable Rod Holder

I am in search of a removeable rod holder for my Kayak. Not real crazy of drilling or cutting.

So far my search is in vain.

Anyone with any info would be most appreaciated



Bungee a board to the boat and attach the rod holder to the board. I put 2 strips of foam on the bottom to form a bridge.

cutting board
I got an acrylic cutting board from Wallyworld. It works great for mounting a rod holder and sticking some velcro to it. A few bungees and voila. It’s about the same price as a piece of wood and you work with it the same way. instantly waterproof.

If you really like to fish and intend to
use that kayak for your fishing platform, go ahead and drill or cut a hole or two for your rod holder (Scotty makes good ones and has two different flush mounts for removeable rod holders). Hey, the thing can’t stay virgin forever.

Milk Crate
If you have a SOT with a tank well you can strap down a milk crate. Then attach PVC pipes that are cut down to hold fishing rods to the milk crate. There’s plenty of web sites with pictures of how to make 1.

Fishing Rod Holder
I own a Feathercraft folding kayak and can’t drill into anything. I purchased a Scotty Rod Holder and a Float Tube strap-on mounting attachment. It works great for spinning or casting setups and is extremely adjustable for angle and attitude. I never noticed any performance differences due to the strap going around the hull. If you e-mail me, I will send some pictures.