Removed pegs, how to plug holes?

I’ve foamed out the bulkhead in my glass Aquanaut and removed the footpegs - much better for fitting my size 13’s into the boat with stiff-soled water shoes on.

How can I best plug the holes from the footpeg rails?


Replace the screws…
…get locking nuts and leave them in the holes. That way you can always easily put it back to stock should you need too.

White plastic screws?

– Last Updated: May-17-07 7:01 AM EST –

(oops, nylon) Jim found a set of these when he first pulled the rails in the Aquanaut.


I used white nylon screws, cap nuts and neoprene washers for the holes from the screws from the rails in my Aquanaut. Later Tom Bergh glassed the holes when he had the boat to install the new seat.