Removing a Deck Pump on 'Glass Boat

I would like to remove a front mounted Henderson-style deck pump from a fiberglass Valley kayak.

If you click on the Compaq 50 pump link you’ll see a photo. It is right on the peak of the deck, and would leave about a 4 inch by 4 inch square hole in the deck. Or, if I leave the white cover of the pump on the deck for a finished look, then all I have to do s block the 2-3 inch hole where the pump came up under the cover.

The pump adds unnecessary weight on an already heavy boat and gets in the way of self-rescues, so it’s got to go.

How can I fill the hole. I have no glassing experience and likely will not find someone to pay to do it. Any ideas? Some form of giant rubber stopper or something? Thanks for your consideration.

Big ole hole
You could put a deck plate where the hole was or a day hatch. Deck plates are sold by many marine supply stores ( West Marine on line). You can also pay a fiberglass repair place to fix it and you would never know a hole had been there. VF

if it’s an Aquanaut HV
why don’t you just sell it to me as is instead?

Are you sure you won’t have occasion
to do glass work in the future? You could get a West epoxy repair kit that would include enough resin and (I believe) cloth to do the repair. Or you could go big time and get 105/205 resin in the quart/pint can with the metering pumps, and some 6 oz glass. Your pump hole closure won’t be pretty, but it will make your boat theft-resistant, and you’ll have a new skill that will increase in degree and value over time.

Those of us in the whitewater community just don’t worry about how pretty a repair looks. We just want it to look effective.


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a flat plate of about 3 layers of 6 oz glass Wet out about 3 layers and put it on a piece of wax paper on a flat piece of metal or wood,cover with another piece of wax paper then add a bag of dry beach sand as a weight)....trim the plate to fit exactly after it cures at least 8 hours....put it under the cover, remove the pump

that way when You find out that You wish You had it can be put back on....(The C 50 is a good pump)

use some sealant around the plate...

make everything You do reversable and remountable.

Best Wishes