Removing a sold kayak

Does anyone know how to remove a sold kayak from the message board? There’s plenty of info on placing an ad, but I can’t find any instructions on ad removal.

Put your cursor anywhere within the block of text, and you will see a “gear” appear at the upper right-hand corner, just outside the area of text. Click on that gear, and two options appear, “edit” and “delete”. Click “delete”.

All I get when I click on the gear is an Edit option. I deleted all the text, but am unable to save it because those are mandatory fields.

Oh. My mistake. I figured it would be the same as the other forums, and not having anything posted there, had no way to check.

Okay, I just looked at that forum, and I’d suggest you do what lots of other people in your situation are doing - editing their title line to say “SOLD” or “Sold - Delete” as a flag for the moderators to delete the post. On that note, if that forum is the same as the others you would be able to hit the “Flag” button on your post yourself, to call the monitor’s attention to it, making sure they’d see your note about it being sold, and they’d delete it.

Under “USED GEAR - CLASSIFIEDS 3. When you have sold your gear, be sure to update the post as SOLD and strike-through the title text”

I did that for listed but un-sold kayak and then re-posted to get closer to front again. Also put note within edited and older listing indicating this dilemma.