Removing dried contact cement?

I installed a mini-cell heel pad with Weldwood Gel Contact Cement in a kevlar QCC 600. The mini-cell shredded from pumping feet while paddling and now we have a mess of shredded foam stuck to the floor of the hull.

Anyone have any good tricks for cleaning this up?

I’d get all the foam out best you can
… the put more Weldwood on top of the old and use the new stuff to remove it. You kind of roll it around after it sets up a bit. It will get the old stuff up. But it’s not fun.

pure acetone
a little of it, just enough to barely wet a textured cloth (like a washcloth) has worked very well for me. I’ve removed excess shreds of the same glue from neoprene covered seats, from fiberglass, etc.

Don’t be heavy handed w. it as pure acetone will take colored gelcoat up and dull the shine on thermoformed plastics… go very easy in applying it and rub gently.

for that rare big gob of glue I use, of all things, a clam knife, to scrape off most of it, then go to the acetone for the rest. The clam knife won’t cut and it’s tough enough to leverage and take off most of the gob.

Lacquer thinner will remove it…

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...quickly, without damaging the laminate.

Cool. Good to know. (NM)