Removing foam block from a Blackwater?

I have a Blackwater 12 and was wondering if anyone has removed the foam block from the bow? Does it affect the boat structurally? I don’t mind it for day paddles but I am planning a multiday trip and would like to be able to use the space in bow for storage.

better ask…
Pamlico_14 about that one. He knows all there is regarding the dreaded grey thing!

Foam in the bow
is a good thing. It does add some strength to the hull. I would leave it alone if it were my kayak.

My $.02

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It is there for a reason. The reason is to create a structural block between the top of your boat and the bottom. This keeps your legs from being trapped in the event of a pin and broach situation (and to give a little bit of flotation). If you will never paddle moving water, taking it out would probably not cause a problem beyond lowering the value if you decide to sell. If you will be on ANY moving water, IMHO, do not touch it!

Good Luck

That foam block
is usually installed in rec type boats w/out bulkheads to provide some minimal flotation, if you are replacing it with a secured in place H2o-tight dry bag, you shouldn’t have any issues (as far as flotation goes). Your real problem might be how to secure it in place I’d guess, IF you want to retain some sort of flotation. You can usually re-install the bloc later as most companies use a simple screw/bolt through the top deck to secure them in place. I’ve had to re-install some that have fallen out during shipping to my shop.