Removing Glued Foam?

I just picked up an all Kevlar kayak in which the previous owner was quite small and had foamed it out for their physique. I did get the glued on hip blocks off of the seat pan with a heat gun and Acetone, but the 1’ x 2’x1/4" pad that they had glued to the floor of the kevlar hull for their feet isn’t being so cooperative. I have removed the bulk of the pad with a putty knife, but haven’t had as much success dealing with the residue foam particles and glue that is still stuck to the hull. I haven’t been comfortable to push the use of the heat gun or useing an abundance of Acetone, so I am looking for advice/ideas as to how I might further proceed to remove the remaining glue/foam that is clinging to the hull. I have considered sanding it off then recoating that area with some clear epoxy, but didn’t know if there was a simpler and more efficient way to go about this.

Use lacquer thinner
It does a better job of removing glue residue than acetone, which evaporates too quickly to be effective.

I did use lacquer thinner and it did the trick. I have “Goop” which states it will remove glues, paints etc.and used it once to clean up a fiberglass ladder, but wondered if anybody has used it on boats and if so what were the results?

I haven’t tried citrus solvents on glue
They may be somewhat less noxious, but they’re oily and I’d be concerned about the residue they leave behind. I know that lacquer thinner works, so that’s what I use.

keep it as
heel protection so that you do not wear it out so quickly…

Glass boat
I have used contact cement remover quite effectively on glass/kevlar. Just do it outside.