Removing Krylon Fusion paint from Royalex

How do you remove it? Mineral Spirits or Coleman fuel didn’t work. Is sanding the only way?

Try water based paint remover

I have used CitriStrip with fairly good results. You may need more than one application.

Paint on leave over night scrape off next day.

I have used the above.

If you find that you cannot remove the paint, you can paint over the offending paint with a color similar to the original. I did this on a royalex boat and it worked out well.

If you oInt over anything do a small test patch and wait a few days if you’re not 100% sure if they are compatible.

Is it OK to use mineral spirits on Royalex to clean off the CitriStrip residue?

Not sure but it should be. Do a rest patch with a Q-tip if nobody answers. Let it sit a day.

Yes, you can use mineral spirits on Royalex.

Thanks for the input.

I left Citristrip on over night in some areas. It caused the vinyl outer layer to bubble up in some places. Most of the treated areas still feel softer than the non treated areas, even the areas that only had citristrip on for a couple of hours. Will it harden back up?