Removing minor scratches from deck?

What’s the best way to polish minor scratches off the deck of a kayak? I’m going to put a boat up for sale and would like to remove the scratches caused from the spare paddle stored on the deck. Just use auto polish? Another product made specific for fiberglass?



3M Finesse-it II
Does a very nice job on scratches in gel coat.

I was told…
…by Danny at Impex to use Wetordry 600 sandpaper, followed by polishing compound, followed by wax. I was surprised at how it brought the color back–I had a fairly large abrasion on the deck of my glass boat that was caused by something that was loose blowing in the wind while it was cartopped, rubbing against it for about 1000 miles–the area was pure white instead of the blue color it should have been. Now you can hardly tell anything was wrong there–it’s just a tad duller since the gelcoat was taken off.


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Hello psherman… if you can find it
… use 1000 grit or higher … the spot will then be the brightest on the boat. Save the 600 for deeper stuff.

Ive Used BonAmi
many times in the past. I has a very mild abrasive as does rubbing compound. Ive found that it is very easy to use and will cut through oxidation and will “sand” out minor scratches. You do have to apply a wax following the use of any of bon ami, sandpaper, or rubbing compound.


Gelcoat restoration pics
I’ve got some in a Webshots album at:

You probably won’t need to be as aggressive as I was, but the principles are the same. One caveat is that if the deck is faded, sanding and compounding will result in the repaired areas being a different color, so you’d end up having to do the entire deck to match it. That is, unless you want the two-tone look I went with.

Thanks all for the advice!

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