Removing paint/stencil

Sorry if this is a repeat post. I did a search and didn’t come up with anything but could have sworn I read something on the subject here before.

I just purchased a “rental” boat of the rotomolded variety. What is the best way to remove the paint stenciling. I am thinking a solvent of some sort but wonder with one? Petroleum based would probably work but will it damage the plastic?

As always thank you in advance for the advice and comments.


i have used sand to
rub it off…takes a little while…less agressive than sand paper…

leave it on??why not???

stencil over it???

lots of choices…


Store in a cold place over winter
If you are lucky, it will have “curled” off by spring.

I used acetone to remove paint from a ww boat with no damage to the plastic.

If using this solvent be certain to do so outdoors and with good gloves - it will absorb throught the skin and do liver damage.

Common sense first …
Ask the place you bought it from what they use.

Find out the brand and product of the ink/paint used and ask the manufacturer. Also ask the manufacturer of the boat.



The people where I bought it say
that all that stuff is on there before they get it in the store. I think I will try some solvent on a small inconspicuous (sp?) area and see what happens.