Removing pine pitch from thermoform

I tried automotive bug and tar remover and it didn’t work. Any other ideas?

Rubbing alcohol
I used alcohol to remove cypress tree sap from my Hurricane Phoenix, and recently I got some kind of sticky sap on my Skimmer and alcohol took that off, too, without damaging the thermoform.

Jack L

Did it dull the finish?

Do you have to let the alcohol sit on the spot for awhile, or just wipe it off?

Acetone or Goo Gone.

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Put a paper towel on the spot and soak it. Let it sit for awhile and rub.Try a test spot first.I have used the combination on plastic and FG with no issues.

I just put some alcohol
on a cloth and rubbed the sap off, then wiped off with water. Didn’t dull the finish. I believe it’s what Eddyline and Hurricane both suggest for removing scuff marks.

I’ve used GooGone on my fiberglass paddle blades with no ill effects.

Try it in a small inconspicuous spot first and see what you think.

Scrape it off with a razor blade

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VERY CAREFULLY!!! When I was a teen I worked in a detail shop at a car dealership and that is how we removed pine sap from cars. Bug and tar remover will work if it is still soft, but if it has sat out in the sun and gotten baked on nothing I have found will soften it up.

It worked perfectly! Thanks!
Wow, that was easy. I finished it off with 303.

Another question: yellowed cockpit
Is there any way to whiten a yellowed cockpit? (I’m restoring a thermoformed kayak.)


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I've found that it softens gelcoat and resin as well as quite a few plastics.

Don’t use acetone on thermoformed boats.


Use WD40
Try WD40 to get rid of the pine pitch.

Isn’t that a bit abrasive? I mean, really abrasive?

Acetone not necessary
I don’t think acetone is necessary. Alcohol dissolved the pitch in seconds with moderate rubbing with a rag. It didn’t seem to affect the finish much, the finish was easily restored with 303.

No it isn’t.

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Dat little chick says so. Try it, youz'all like it.


Bon Ami is actually very gentle; I just used it today to take some tarnish off a silver necklace and I’ve used it on my flat top stove. As always, try it in a inconspicuous place first.

Apparently I have been wrong for
the 1st time this year. Acetone worked for me on glass and poly but Goo-Gone was better.


WD-40 or Goof OFF
Both WD-40 and Goof Off will take off pine sap. I use it on packs, tents, etc and have had no problems.