Removing Solstice Seat

I really like my new to me 2000 Current Design Solstice GTS, but the seat is awful for me. It is titled very far backward and I need a seat tilted forward very slightly. I cut out the large foam wedge under the front of it and it now flexes down and is much better, however I’d like to get all day comfort. I usually have had the best luck with just a thin flat pad in the bottom with no seat.

I drilled out the rivets on each side and found that the plastic seat is glued in. I don’t want to destroy this seat and the glue seems very strong but I Can cut some of it with a steak knife.

Does any one have suggestions on how to remove the seat the rest of the way?

It there some glue solvent that with not hurt the plastic seat or the kevlar hull?

Pretty sure the CD’s seats are hung seats, meaning the coaming and the seat are one piece. I’ve cut them out before, sabre saw works if you have clearance, otherwise a dremel.

Bill H.

The seat hangers are part of the coaming assembly, so you’ll have to carefully cut away with a fine tooth hacksaw and fair the edges with wet/dry sandpaper.

the sides are completely loose
Guys the sides are completely loose but the bottom is still glued in. What do I use to unglue the bottom of the seat pan?

soft glue?
If the glue has some give to it (like sealant adhesives, not like epoxy) you might have luck using a heat gun - CAREFULLY! - and a putty knife.

Or you could try slipping a hacksaw or bandsaw blade between the hull and the seat and try sawing the adhesive, but you risk sawing into the hull without realizing it.

Yes it is soft
I can cut some of it with a knife. Maybe I could find a really long hacksaw blade that would reach from front to back.

hi …the glue is probably some type of silicone adhesive,since its waterproof when dry… similiar to the silicone sealant used around windows… my suggestion would be to acquire some piano wire , sold @ auto stores sometimes for removing windshields, and try that or a similiar fine diameter wire to cut the glue. think cheese slicer type of wire. Fish the wire around the backside and out the front and “saw” with it. good luck

the wire idea is good, but what about
a hot wire set up like used for slicing syrofoam insulation. Not sure how to rig it but I’m sure someelse does.