Removing Sticker Residue

So I finally removed the retailer sticker from my royalex canoe last week. It of course left a nice sticky residue. I’m thinking of taking some Bestine to remove it, but wasn’t sure if it would discolor the royalex or not. Any other guaranteed royalex-safe sticky remover?

Use tape
There was a thread about the sticky residue on Nylon fabric. Same method applies. Use a strong duct tape to blob the area serveral times till the residue is removed. Send money if it works.

Any product with a citrus base
there are all types of citrus based cleaners at the market any of them will do quite nicely.

Don’t quote me, but
I think the question isn’t so much what is safe to use on royalex, but what kind of residue should be on it when you put-in.

Was reading a link yesterday about non-reactive plastics & stuff with molecular compositions… Apparantly you can fill the boat with gas in true American fashion, and follow the trail of dead fish back to your SUV.

Mineral spirits
Try mineral spirits (sometimes sold as paint thinner) and a soft bristled brush. That is what I’ve always used to remove the permanently glued-in foam canoe outfitting. Wipe off real well and it will dry with no residue to contaminate waterways.


Check is in the mail!
Duct tape worked fantastic! It’s a bit of slow tedious process, but it removes everything and leaves nothing. Perfect solution. Thank you.

I used WD-40 to remove the residue left by a 24 year old registration sticker from my royalex canoe. I just dabbed it on with a soaked towel corner, let it sit a few minutes and started rubbing with the dry part (of the towel). Once I was finished, I cleaned the area with some mild dish soap solution and reapplied 303.

I won’t say WD-40 is the ideal solution, but most people have it around the house already and it works reasonably well. You have to use it for something…it’s a terrible lubricant.


Heard from an angler friend just the other day that WD40 is great on bait, because it’s fish oil based… Could be a wives’ tale, just blabbin’.

Charcoal Fluid
My Vicke used charcoal starting fluid to clean some old tape residue from our frig yesterday. It worked great.