Removing sticker residue

I have two plastic boats that had Ohio registration stickers on them. I removed the stickers (going with alternative registration stickers) and there remains a 3x3 patch of sticker gunk with the word VOID embedded about 50 times.

What is a boat SAFE product that will remove this junk?

Sticky stuff
Try a shot of WD 40 or lighter fluid.

Paint thinner

Lighter fluid and paint thinner are safe for plastic boats?

try mayonnaise NM

Goo Gone or Alcohol (nm)

Goo Gone

Goo Gone and some elbow grease.

Definately goo gone
Just used it today myself - you will need to put a little muscle into it -Note: if you use an abrasive pad though it will work great but leave scratches - i know this from experience !!!

Mineral Oil.
I just removed the gluey mess left behind on an expensive piece of optics using a pad made for removing bandage adhesive from skin. It is just plain old mineral oil. I left it on the glue for a little while and it softened it up nicely. Not sure if it will work on any adhesive but it shouldn’t damage anything and can be easily cleaned up after.


gunk begone
try nail polish … i used it all times…it does the job give it a try and let me know

goo-gone os what I use

3M Adhesive Remover
Takes off pretty much any residue.

Poly is pretty safe
Feel free to experiment with different cleaners and solvents, going progressively more toxic, until something works. I’m presuming by ‘plastic’ you are referring to polyethylene, which is notoriously resistant to solvents and glues (ask me how I know). In fact, many of the abovementioned solvents are PACKAGED in poly bottles and jugs. Other plastics such as polycarbonate may be another matter.

I might steer clear of certain petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel/kerosene, WD-40. A roommate whose car had a leaking fuel tank once carried extra gasoline in an old milk jug (poly), and it soon dissolved and leaked onto the passenger floor. Considering the general state of the car, and that he was a smoker, it’s a wonder he still has his original skin … On the other hand, I believe plastic fuel cans are some sort of polyethylene, so you may be alright.

Whatever you use for the job, be sure to clean it off thoroughly with dish soap and water when you’re done, to prevent residual solvent from staining or softening the plastic.

Good Luck!


I think you mean …
… nail polish “remover” , lol , aka. Acetone … yes , it works very well and is mild , also Acetone can be purchased in most hardware stores in it full strength state …

Thanks, everyone…
I’ll try Goo Gone first since that’s what I have on hand. Have to wait for a nice day to do it, but I’ll let you know!

sure are
not anything containing acetone though.

Acetone eats thermoplastic

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so does anything with methylmethacrylate, such as Threadlock and some glues.

Trust me. I know.

Well with that said …
… I retract the recomendation of Acetone , don’t use any product containing Acetone as per trilliumlake’s experience …

Avon skin-so-soft
If you can stand the perfume, Skin-So-Soft is mild and does a great job. Ask your wife.