Removing tacky oil from a paddle

OK, I over-oiled my newly made Greenland paddle. I wiped off the excess after 15 min after the second coat per the instructions but several hours later it’s still tacky. What’s the best course of action here? Steel wool? 240 sand paper? Is there a hope of taking off just enough to avoid having to oil it again after getting the tackiness off?

Get a fresh dry cloth and rub it off and do it again for a couple days. It needs time to absorb in the wood.

BTW - what oil did you use? I’m an old school Tung oil fan. Others prefer other oils.

Thanks for the tips. I took a class this weekend to make the paddle. The instructor had something called ‘Bush Oil’, made here in NY. He said it was good stuff (his paddles seemed nicely finished, I think I just over did mine).

For reapplication my options on hand are Watco Danish oil or Boiled Linseed Oil. I’m leaning BLO if/when I need to reapply because I don’t want to add stain to this paddle.

10% vinegar in water will also work. It won’t dig into the wood too much.

Rub as stated and give it some time in a dry environment.

Thanks all!

Oil finishes take time to cure (they don’t actually “dry”), typically 24 hours or so. “Several hours” was probably just not enough time.

Good to know, thanks @bnystrom