Removing Tree Sap from Canoe

I bought a used Old Town Penobscot, which is a royalex boat, and it has a lot of tree sap on it. The sap is stuck on really good and hard. I tried wiping with denatured alcohol with minimal results. Someone suggested spraying with WD-40, letting that soak in for a while then washing a treating with turtle wax. Any other suggestions?

Might want to try
Goof off. carried at menards & home depot. It removed wood stain from my vinyl siding (don’t ask) I would try it first on a small section, as it faded my siding a little, but was better than having wood stain on my house. There was no trace of stain after I used this product. Always have a bottle in the garage now.

On Gorilla Tape Residue
I used Dawn Power Dissolver. I was pretty skeptical but it did the job great! Might be worth a try for sap. I let it sit for about 10 minutes and then used a putty knife to scrape it off. I was using it on F/G and there were no problems with discoloration or any other kind of problems.


If it’s outside and it gets cold …
Try scraping it off when it’s frozen. Works on my car. But maybe yours is too dry.

Car wax or yacht wax.
Just as they take sap off cars, they will take it off canoes. The petroleum solvents won’t hurt the Royalex, and the waxes have UV inhibitors in them.

might not be tree sap , could be …
… bug honey dew . Aphids and other bugs on trees drop this crap (honey dew) .

razor blade to get the worst

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then mayo or hand sanitizer. I have heard of peanut butter being used.

My trucks are in a pine grove. I have loads of sap on their tops. Alcohol per se does not work with large buildups. Try to get the worst off by mechanical means.

Razor blading this years accumulation is messy. Last years, which is dried, is much easier.

tree sap?
My daughter has on old Old Town Loon (green). It is covered with black specs that I beleive to be the plasticizers leaching out of the hull. I tested a spot with acetone or mineral spirits (I don’t remember which). It seemed to work on the small area. I plan to finish the job in warmer weather.

Try a bleach/water solution.

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It may be just mildew.

And I agree about the mechanical removal for tree sap. I like old credit cards or plastic kitchen spatulas for scraping as much off as possible before using any solvents or oils.

Paddle it on boney streams - a lot

Some mineral spirits…
proobably will do de job witout harmin’ de vinyl. Ah’s use it on me mighty impressive scalp ta get de sap off iffin’ ah’s fall asleep under a pine tree fer a couple o’ years.

Rip Van Elmo

Goo Gone
I use it all the time to get the hemlock sap off my stuff.

It will take a bit of rubbing if it is hardened, but with a little elbow grease, it shoud take it off

Jack L

Got sap ?
Got turpentine ?


Goo Gone
I’ve used goo gone on my portage packs and tent and tarp and it works great on those so should easily get it off Royalex.

It depends on the kind of sap …
Some saps are actually going to polymerize and bond to the surface (resinous saps). Best to just let them wear off. Most saps will disolve to some extent in turpentine or Naptha, cheap if you need to do a large area - you can buy formulated products like goo gone for more money. The WD-40 would also probably work, test a small section.

I would be cautious with “Goof-off” as
I put it on an insulated coffee mug to get off a sticker and it ate the plastic. Goo-gone is less invasive. Royalex is a type of plastic.

As noted, with any remover, try it on a small inconspicuous place first.

Using some type of sharp knife or scalpel, carefully, to remove the upper sections first sounds like a doable option. I’ve done this with other items but not royalex.

Turpentine. I used it on my half Penobscot. Email me for cool pic.

Turpentine Guys … Have you ever
tried kerosene ? Just wondering how it compares.

Petroleum guys are all alike. Why would you want to use jet fuel ? It won’t go faster afterwards.