Removing tree sap

Trying to remove tree sap from a royalex hull. Not big globs but just little dark specks of the stuff. Pressure washer doesn’t touch the stuff. Thinking about some sort of bug or tar remover like what is sold in auto stores but a little worried about its affect on the royalex?

Thanks folks


I did once a mix
of water, clorox and soap; I use a plastic brush, it did clean the thing but it was over gelcoat. Don’t know about Royalex.

Waterless hand cleaner
If you can get it softened up a bit in the sun even better but it will break it down with a little work.

second that
this lemon based stuff works quite well.

Aceton works too, but you’ll have to know what you’re doing-otherwise your hull might go to canoe heaven…


it takes it off the hands…should work on a hull

Best Wishes


Paddling… Lots of it.

Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol
I keep a bottle for the sole purpose of removing tree sap.


I have used
good soap and a stiff plastic bristle brush and it comes off good. As far as getting the thicker tree sap off of your hands I have found dishwasher soap works excellent. Just don’t let it stay on your skin too long or it starts to burn.

good ole WD40
WD40 will work nicely and shouldnt eat the plastic the residue should evaporate afterwiping it off

denatured alcohol
Hi, I used to have to large white pines next to my drive way and constantly had sap globs landing on our cars…denatured alcohol removes sap quickly and will not hard most surfaces but Id test a small area first.

wd 40?
doesn’t it say on the can not to use on plastics?