Removing Waterproof Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a necessary evil but how do you get that darn stuff off at the end of the day? I shower as soon as I can after a day on the water but end up with blocked pores on my face and neck from using waterproof sunscreen. Plain soap and water aren’t working for me. What works for you? This is something I have never seen discussed on this board.

What brand are you using ?
We have never had that problem.

As a matter of fact, after being in and out of the water for several hours, we usually reapply more.

It probably has not been discussed because I am guessing not many have had that problem.



Look at the list of ingredients for the sunscreen. One of them is the solvent. If you get something similar, it should work fairly well in removing the application.

If you are manly enough you can always go to a couple of spas and ask for advice :wink:

Try “Wet Ones”, or some similar…
…product. My favorite used to be the ancient brand called “Wash and Dry”, but I’ll be darned if I can find them anymore. Now I use the basic, UN-scented and UN-lotioned “Wet Ones” (sheesh, who can stand that scented, slimy lotiony gunk on their skin. Not me).

Anyway, I have oily skin, and I find that these things work a lot better than soap and water for “de-greasing” my face, and they are great for hand-washing before cooking too. Maybe they would work well on stuck-on sunscreen too. One nice thing about them is you don’t need to waste water while using them or pollute your surroundings with soap, and they add nearly zilch to your trash bag during the trip. I use the individually-wrapped type, as that way I don’t need to take along more weight and bulk than than I need. A week’s worth of individually-wrapped disposable “wipes” weighs a tiny fraction of what a bar of soap or a small soap-dispensing bottle weighs.

They work
on other parts of the body too :slight_smile: Don’t leave home without them.

Use Noxema

Foam Pile Seawater Facials
Three or for and the stuff is gone … seems to stay on your hands and paddle forever though…

A diet free of vegetable oils makes a person far more resistant to the sun. We have tried this and now rarely use sunscreen. Years ago before the polyunsaturated oils craze in the 1980’s we didn’t know what sunscreen was and most anyone could get a nice tan.

It’s waterproof so you gotta work harder
I’ve been able remove the most waterproof sunblock by first wiping with a damp paper towel or babywipe, followed by two washes with bar soap. One wash will not do the trick.

This is one reason I decided to get a long-sleeved ventilated shirt. I don’t mind doing the above for day paddles, but it’s too problematic on camping trips. So I prefer to keep the sunblock use to just face and neck in that case.

makes no difference so far. Currently using a bottle of No-Ad 50 because it got such a high rating in Consumer Report magizine. Picked up a copy at the Dermatologist’s office while my father was having a spot of skin cancer removed. I seldom apply it more than once since it’s only used above my shirt it doesn’t get washed off.


A towel and elbow grease always seem to get the majority of it off. A good scrubbing with a washcloth or two will generally get you pretty clean.