Removing WS Phase 3 Seat

I’m trying to take my seat out so I can wash it off really good and get the sand out of it. Already got the food pegs and kneepads, but the screws holding in the seat wont come out. They turn, but dont come out. ANyone else had a similar problem?

you got to get to the nuts through the holes and hold them or they just spin.

kinda hard
easier said than done, they are in the most impossible spot to reach.

I remember when i took mine off i think i used a socket and 1/4 drive rachet, may have also used a ujoint on an extension. a bit of a bugger but pretty doable. mine was in a cape horn 170.

I really wouldn’t bother just for cleaning purposes

I got enough sand in it on my last trip to qualify as a waterbourne sandbox. I tried using water to spray it out but it all doesnt comes out, and its all i nthe foot pegs, which I did manage to get out and clean, but then couldnt get back in right, so they need rubber washers now in the screws that hold them in. Why they didnt have them to begin with is beyond me.

Everythign in there has sand in every crevice imaginable, and its at the ppoint where its annoying me where I cant even sit in it w/o hearing the sand crunch around. under the seat. Also seems to be a good bit of salt left in it too, I know, I could taste it just about.

Find a way
to wash the sand out. Taking the seat and footpegs out every time it gets dirty will really get old and can’t be good for the kayak. If you could hang the boat on it’s side from slings everything will wash down and collect at the low point. Then turn it completely upside down or use a sponge to mop it out.

It can be done
I did it a while ago. You can get the seat out, you need a 1/4 drive socket with an extension to hold the nut. And long thin fingers help (which I don’t have) The harder part is getting the nuts started to put things back together. Also there is a clip that holds the skeg cable anchored on the screw that holds the right side. make sure you get it back on.