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Will be flying from the cold North to visit friends in Fort Walton Beach FL from Feb 10-19. Wondering if I might get in any day paddling in during the visit, since they work during the day. Any suggestions on where I might rent a solo canoe or kayak, and on where I might go for an enjoyable day trip, in that area? My friends said they have a van that I’ll be able to use while I’m there. Thanks in advance.

Check here…

Check with the above place in Destin, only 15 minutes east of Fort Walton. They are located right on Destin Harbor so you can paddle there or haul the boat to another location.


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Blackwater River or Coldwater Creek. and

These are probably about 45 min to an hour from Fort Walton.

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Thanks for the great suggestions! The Blackwater and Coldwater Rivers seem quite close by, and the prices for rental and ferrying are very good. I do more fresh water paddling than salt water, but might also look into some surf or shore paddling if time permits. Great! Thanks again!

Emerald Coast Paddling Club

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Check out this site to meet up with paddlers from the Fort Walton area:

West Florida Canoe and Kayak
Another paddling club in the Fort Walton area: