Rentals/Tours in Freeport /Portland ME?


I’m going to be running the Trail to Ale 10k in September (Sunday the 19th) and would REALLY love to get some paddling in on Saturday. I would prefer to take a tour of Casco Bay, but anywhere would work. I contacted the fine folks at LL Bean but learned that their group tours are only done in tandems… so before setting up a private tour with them, I’d like to explore other possibilities. Any outfitters that I need to check out?

Thanks in advance!

David Wallace

Cincinnati, OH

I’m quite sure that LL Bean offers more than just the tandem outings. They apparently have a full range of classes available (probably on a more or less custom basis), from beginner stokes to surf, etc.

There’s at least one instructor from LLBean on PNET so maybe some of them will chime in with a more definitive answer.

this is the reply I got…
From LL Bean:

“All of our advertised trips are done in tandems. We would only allow solo boats on a private trip. If this is something that interests you, please give us a call at the number below”

Anyway, it looks like there are plenty of options… Maine Island Kayak looking like a good possibility.

these guys will take care of you…

Tell them Rob sent you.

I will definitely get a hold of them. I have stayed at the hampton inn across the street from them several times, but never stopped in…

Maine Island Kayak Company is very well regarded.

Seaspray Kayaking
in West Bath offers rentals and tours. THey have given our clients at our AMC facility good service

What kind of experience do you have and what size of boat fits you?

Anyway Maine Island Kayak can take you on the most challenging trips … good people and good boats to choose from.

LL Bean does have classes.
In the classes, you’re in singles.

The basic “walk-on adventure” is done in rec. boats (pungos, dirigos, vapor, etc.) and they’re primarily singles.

All of the other tours are done in tandems. If a single person shows up, they go in a boat with another single person.

That said, I can’t speak to any of the private things that LL Bean has going on in Maine.

Second Lincoln Canoe/Kayak
I would second Lincoln Canoe and Kayak. They have a really well stocked store and do classes and tours and have good instructors/guides.


I guess that would have helped :slight_smile:
This will be my first experience on the ocean. I have about 5 years experience on lakes (in a Tsunami 175) and have been doing Class II/III whitewater since last summer. I have a roll, but it’s not dialed in yet, hopefully by then it will be. Not looking for something really challenging though, as I will be running a 10k the day after. Looking for something somewhat easy going.

Maybe around Peak’s Island
With the Maine Island Kayak folks. Inside the island, in the bay, there’s a fair amount of commercial traffic. But the back side of Peak’s is real Maine, and there are a couple of nice islands you can hop around on the outer edges there.

If you’ve done WW, you’ll like the “little” boulders that come up at low tide…

This is all assuming you get there and the darned fog isn’t sitting on the area all day long.

tom bergh
If you can get Tom Bergh (Maine Island Kayak) to take you out you will be guaranteed a few special ~`s:

  1. NDK Boats
  2. Tom is a legend. He knows Casco Bay like no one else plus he has been paddling prime destinations around the globe a few times.
  3. Ya!