Renting a kayak in Christian Pass MS?

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I will be there for a week in March. Any place to rent a kayak and paddle within an hour drive?
I am sure there are plenty of places to rent, and plenty of places to paddle, but since we really can't carry it anywhere it would be great to find the two together.
Preferable a tandem; my wife is a pretty good rower, but doesn't kayak.

Haven't been in one for 15 years, but canoe would be okay also.

I believe it’s “Pass Christian”

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My wife volunteered there after Katrina.

Not too far away is the Wolf River, and there is an outfitter there who rents craft and shuttles people upstream for trips.

Pass Christian
Pass krish tee anne

Not as many outfitters as you would think

Eco tours of South Mississippi

South Coast Paddling Co

And the Wolf River guys too.

March is tricky, could be 70, could be 30

28 March, Battle on the Bayou in Ocean Springs.

Eat at “Da Kitchen Too”

E-mail me, I’ll be gone part of March but maybe we can meet up

Just saw this old post and am adding updated info (as of 7/17) in case anyone else is interested in paddling the Pass Christian MS/MS Gulf Coast area.

South Coast Paddling has closed it’s doors. Wolf River and Ecotours are both companies geared to river floats. more than exploratory paddling by a sea kayaker. Nelson Outdoors is a new start up outfitter that appears to be offering some upgraded equipment and marsh tours. Nelson has also inquired about becoming ACA Day Trip Leader qualified.

Our local waters are usually about 52F from mid Dec - late Feb so plan accordingly for immersion. Air temps vary widely as others mentioned. Winter is much more pleasant paddling here as opposed to the 87F water, 90+F air, and blazing sun of summer.

Lots for good local paddling whether on gentle rivers, marshes, or venturing toward the four barrier islands 7 - 12 miles offshore (recommended for experienced paddlers only).