Renting kayak storage

I can’t store my kayak at home, so I’ve been searching for launch sites that have kayak storage I can pay at a monthly or yearly rate. I can hardly find any!

Does anyone have any suggestions in the Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, or New York region? I don’t want to rent a kayak, I just want to rent storage!

Winter storage
Many marinas have outdoor storage racks for small sailboats, canoes and kayaks. Cockpit cover and a Dannuu cover (or canvas tarp) will take care of the kayak for the winter, provided you make sure the hatches/cockpit are dry and there isn’t a granola bar kicking around inside for a winter mouse to burrow in after. if you’re in this neck of the woods. Your regional parameters were rather huge so I’m not sure where you’re looking for.

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The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY

Look for a rowing club
In my area, the local rowing club rents space. I’ve heard it was very cheap. You might could even join a club.

also check yacht clubs and marinas
Many yacht clubs and marinas also rent space for kayaks.

Chesapeake Paddlers at Pier 7
The Chesapeake Paddlers rent indoor space at Pier 7, on the South River near Annapolis, where members pay a few bucks to store kayaks.


Some have extra space in their outbuildings. I live in a suburb but there’s a farm not too far away that charges me $10/month to store boats. Of course, he has a vegetable stand there and knows I usually buy something while I’m there.