Renting kayaks

I have been renting kayaks for a few years now and would like to purchase one. The problem I have is that I cannot find any place near Rochester or Syracuse, NY where I can rent the boats that I am looking for. I have been able to test paddle some Current Design, NDK, and Valley models, but it is real hard to get a feel for this kayaks in 10 to 20 minutes on a small pond or narrow creek. Specifically, I am looking to rent a CD Gulfstream, NDK Romany, and/or Valley Avocet(FG). Does anyone know of any places that will rent these boats for a day?


Go East
To the Hudson river.

don’t know if they rent but have u tried oak orchard canoe & kayak in rochester? or mountainman outdoor in old forge?

I have checked out Oak Orchard Canoe and they do not rent these boats due to lack of demand and therefore cannot justify the expense to include these in their rental fleet.

As for Mountain Outdoor Sports, I will have to check with them.

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Go east
I will have to put them on my road trip list.



Bay Creek in Rochester
Sorry for reviving this several-weeks old thread. Bay Creek Paddling Center ( is both an NDK and Valley dealer (among others).

They are a good bunch there. If you’re looking to buy a boat they may rent you somthing better than an Old Town for a few hours.

Good luck!