Repainting canoe interior

The interior of my aluminum canoe has a light green paint on the floor. It’s getting worn where the paddlers put their feet, two spots in front of both seats, so I’d like to touch it up rather than repaint the whole canoe. I’ve seen plenty pictures of other canoes with the exact same shade so I expect it’s a pretty common finish. What is it called and where can I get it?

Zinc chromate
is the standard primer for aluminum. It’s a yellowish green. I don’t know if that’s what Grumman used on the floor of their canoes.

Different shade
It’s lighter than Zinc Chromate green and it’s definitely not the yellow. I’ve seen lot’s of canoes with the exact same shade though. It also doesn’t appear to have a topcoat that I can see from where it’s rubbed through.

Is it really that much more trouble to
recoat the whole thing? Just pick a color that’s close.

Well I’m hoping
someone who knows something about it will reply to my question

maybe it’s Hunter green …

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..... why don't you contact Marathon Boat Group or a Grumman dealer (check the net.) and ask about it , maybe they can send you the exact match paint for now and future touch up maint. ... or tell you where you can get it anyway ... maybe it's Olive Drab ??

Almost surely it has an underbody primer (alum. specific - probably Zinc Chromate) applied before top finish coat .

Then there are always alternatives such as a rubber coat type deal , like bed liner coatings , or glued down sheet of rubber or simulated rubber , that you could apply in a square/rectabgle pattern instead of "paint" ... the paint is going to wear through again pretty quick I think , just sayin ...