Repair a deck/handle on Coleman

I just purchased a used Coleman Ram-X 15 that is a little beat up. I had a very limited budget and just wanted something to drop in the lake right by my house to do some fishing. It’s got a few dents but I should be able to pop those into shape. What I’m concerned about is the rear deck/handle is all busted up and pretty much useless. The gunwales are a little bent in that area as well. I’ve searched for replacement Coleman parts and found they don’t offer them anymore. Basically, I’m looking for ideas to repair this area. I don’t need anything fancy, just some sort of handle for carrying and running a strap through. Are there replacement decks for other canoes that I could get to fit on my Coleman?

Can you post a link to a photo? That might help the more experienced repair geeks on the board offer suggestions?

If the gunwales go down near the end,
you might be able to slip some Nylon strapping around them. If you put the Nylon strap through a short length of PVC pipe, that would make a better handle. The Nylon strap can either be just tied, or glued to itself with Aquaseal and maybe a few stitches.