Repair a Sportsstuff Adventure inflatable

Help!!! I sliced the front side of Sportsstuff Adventure 1030 about a half inch from the seam. The board did not have a repair kit and I’m new at all of this. I watched some utube videos on repairs and want some advice from anyone with experience. Thank you!!!

I have used folding kayaks which all have inflatable sponson tubes, for 15 years and have done many patches. Vinyl repair kits are cheap and plentiful in any sporting goods or camping gear department. Once you have attached a patch the area will be better than new – the solvent glue bonds the patch to the “skin” and it is now stronger than the original structure.

It isn’t brain surgery so don’t worry – instructions will come with the kit. You just clean the area, cut a rounded edge patch that overlaps the tear well, slap on the glue and let it set overnight. Presto – problem solved.