Repair Advice Needed

Can anyone help me with this one? I have an older Smokercraft aluminum canoe in very good shape other than a broken forward thwart.

What is the best method to replace/repair the thwart. I can’t find any sources for replacements anywhere.

Is it best to weld (heliarc) the old one or find a new one?


You might try taking it to welding shop or some places have mobile units they can send to you. They would be the best advice on whether it was a weldable repair or not.

Thanks for the reply Pack06. I’m thinking it would be easier to remove the broken cross brace by drilling out the four rivets and then take the pieces to a welder if I can’t find a replacement.

How about
a nice wooden one?



No, it’s just a Plain Jane aluminum Smokercraft that my dad bought back in the 60’s(±) to use at a family cabin on the lake. It has spent most of it’s life under the house, but suffered a recent hit by an unknown relative. Just trying to put it back in shape.


Yeah, and for a crude patch, some
aluminum thwarts have a channel on the bottom where one could put a piece of wood, to be screwed and glued in.

But I would replace the thwart, because in Atlanta I can get aluminum channel I can trim and bend to fit and be riveted in place.


Thanks for the tip. This thwart looks like it was made from round tubing that was “squashed” to an oval shape, then flattened on the ends where it was riveted. Can’t put wood under it.

Looking like my best option is to remove it, then try to make one the best way I can. I was putting this out on the forum to see if there are any parts mfg. that makes replacement braces, but it looks like that’s not an option.

Thanks again,