Repair Kevlar Canoe?

Hi guys and gals,

I was doing some work on my Wenonah Vagabond Ultralight and something hot apparently touched my hull and melted the gel coat on the outside. You can see the threads of the Kevlar.

I’m going to try and attached a picture to give you an idea. I’m assuming I should repair this. The area is smaller then the size of a USA dime.

Can I just put some Gel coat on it or does it require more then that?



Looks like a chunk I had missing on
my CF canoe.A little epoxy should do the trick.

Available in white or grey.

Any particular type of epoxy? I’m clueless in this area! Thanks.

I’d prefer something that is clear so as not to have an obvious spot.

How about this stuff?

Could also buy the 4 oz West G-flex
bottles. Mixes 1:1, fairly clear when hardened. Takes about 24 hours to reach 90% hardness, and hardens further with time. Taping some food wrap film over the drop of G-flex will smooth it down while it hardens.

From what I see of the repair, there is no need whatsoever to apply any glass cloth. The laminate is intact, it’s just an issue of a chip out of the surface resin.

Do NOT sand the area first prior to using the epoxy. Sanding Kevlar (it’s a trademark) will turn it to fuzz that’s impossible to work with. I’d clean carefully with acetone then wash with soap and water, after it’s dry use the epoxy.

Bill H.

You said “ultralight”, and if the boat
is a Wenonah and it is a ultralight, there isn’t any “Gelcoat” on the outside as your picture shows.

It is a real simple fix: use two part clear epoxy.

You can get the double tube dispensers at any hard ware store.

First, I would sand that gray stuff off.

Then mix some epoxy up and put it over the defect, and then while it is still wet, take a piece of fairly stiff plastic like used in overheads and tape it down as tight as you can over the fix, with some duct tape.

The next day just peel the plastic and duct tape offf and your fix will be done and glass smooth.

I have done it a dozen times on our ultralight kevlar boats.



I’m heading to Lowe’s later today to pick some epoxy up.

I’ll report back with results!

Make sure to clean the wound after your
prep with acetone, or denatured alcohol prior to the epoxy.