Repair kit must-haves?

We just got home from 8-day trip and I was cleaning up and putting away gear, I took out our “repair kit” and looked at it…we are fortunate that we’ve never needed it…All that was inside was duct tape (of course!), a marine sealant/adhesive, a leatherman, and the MSR repair kit for the stove. Looked pretty lame as I sat there and thought about all the things that could wrong (our boats are fiberglass).

What do you carry in your repair kit on multi-day trips?

If your kayak has a rudder
I usually take a replacement cable for it.

Other than that you pretty much take what we do for repairs.

But I keep a canoe/kayak tool box in the vehicle and it has too much stuff to name here

jack L

Our boats have skegs - not rudders - and the skegs never seem to work…(different post!)

duct tape, chewing gum, spare drain plug
it doubles as my first aid kit too!

ahh heck you said multiday
I guess I also better throw in a pair of multitool pliers in case the pull tab breaks off a beer can.

Honestly the chewing gum thing works pretty well on abs, glass, poly, even raft valves- that and duct tape, what else do you need? Of course they might not have chewin’ gum near the arctic circle so you better take two packs if you’re goin’ there

G-Flex epoxy
A more extensive kit than just duct tape was required on a spring multi-day in Canyonlands Nat. Park, so I got some G-Flex Epoxy and a mini butane torch from West Marine. Gorilla tape and a multi-tool are also in there. Misc. nuts & bolts type stuff and Tear Aid also. I’ve used the Tear Aid on a tent fly that got attacked by mice on an 8 day river rafting trip a few years back. Handy stuff to have along.

On another outdoor forum someone posted this video from YouTube that looks interesting for fixing scrapes on plastic boats.

Lighter and plastic
I heard a first hand story of a guy who repaired an ABS boat by melting his drinking cup onto the hull. Saw the same trick on “Dual Survival”

the box

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latch strap n hardware ladder lock buckles ....hatch cover gasket tubing...3M rubber adhesive...

A n B

1/8th shock cord....

kevlar hull repair kit

dry suit repair kit

spare dry suit....

contractor's best grade duct tape....trip tape rerolls

onto pvc pipe segment...

the van box is toolbox sized ...the trip sack is abt pencil box size.

packing wheeleze into the yak asks for a butane soldering tool for wheel repair.

a small tight container of isopropyl alcohol is useful for cleaning torn surfaces n killing fleas eating your back. pour down onto back tween blades then rub shirt. kills fleas instantly. take a pint.

the best repair kit is a thorough inspection before and preventive maintenance between.

eg lubing tent n dry suit zippers

checking eyeglasses

tasting the water filter....

there would be stories from rafters where....

Repair Kit
Here’s a pretty comprehensive list of potential tools and supplies you may want to consider, and some info on how to pack and use them:

Obviously, every paddler’s situation is different, so you’ll want to tailor the kit to your needs and skills.

Good luck!

Jeffrey Lee

Thanks everyone!
Thanks for all the ideas - and I sure hope I never need to melt a plastic cup to patch a hull!

Small visegrips
Multi tools are frequently mentioned, but I’ve always felt the pliers are the main attraction of the multi tool. So why not get a pair of pliers that clamp shut? And when you need a VISE grip tool, there is almost no substitute. The knife part of the multi tool is duplicated elsewhere in your gear.

A stick of 2-part marine epoxy putty, Eterna Bond RV Roof Seal (better than Denso tape & not nearly as messy), tube of Solarez epoxy (hardens in sunlight) instead of regular 2-part. Cut flat pieces out of a plastic milk jug to cover a large hole then Gorilla tape in place.


Pliers for camping

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For camping trips, ditch the flimsy pot grips, and get a good set of pliers to use instead. That way you always have pliers with you, and you have a piece of gear doing double duty.

Dental floss with a needle taped under the flip top of the container was another good trick. With a tube of seam seal can repair pretty much anything fabric.