Repair loose gunwale

Hi. I’ve just gotten a Ranger 16’ canoe and the one problem I am aware of is that the gunwale on one side of the boat has come loose from the fiberglass hull.

I’m trying to learn as much as I can before attempting the repair. It looks like there’s a narrow slot in the bottom of the gunwale that accepts the fiberglass. I am debating whether to remove the gunwale from the entire side and reattach it with fresh epoxy or just try to clean it out and spread the expoxy around the loose areas.

Has anyone done a similar repair and do you have any advice?



Are these aluminum or wood gunwales?

Either way they were originally attached by drilling thru the gunwale and the hull and attaching with screws if wood or maybe pop rivets if aluminum.

It sounds in any event that the holes thru the hull have been ripped out at the top. You could remove them and repair the hull material, or just pop them back on and drill new holes to accommodate new fasteners. I doubt that they were glued on originally.

Is the hull material damaged?