Repair of cane seat

I have a Discovery 146 with cane seats. One of the seats has a 2" whole/tear in it. What is the best way to repair it? Could I replace both seats with molded seats?



seats they will be able to help you. I found it best to replace the cane with web. I flipped the cane seats over and webbed the seats myself. Not hard at all.

Learn how to replace the cane
Learn how to replace the cane and then everyone you know will want you to do their chairs and canoe seats.

It actually is fun to do.

There are some videos on youtube that show you how.

can probably replace with …

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...... roto moulded seats if you want to .

Give Old Town a call (1-800-343-1555) , tell them about your canoe and ask if they will send you roto moulded seats made to fit it "just right" (you'll have to drill new holes through the gunnels - that's about it) ... they'll have them almost certainly .

You'll enjoy re-caning them if you decide you want to do that . You'll ge it right first try ... no worries on that . Just do as suggested already , read up on it before starting ... and don't forget to pre-soak your canning before putting it in place ... and when removing or trimming cane , be real careful with razor knife (big ouch thing possible - be careful - don't force the razor and keep fingers out of it's way - the slip is what will get you , so ...) .

this instruct. link is as good as any other for starters , I checked it out to be sure ...

Or just cut out the remaining cane…

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...turn the frame over, and replace with poly webbing. Or with poly cord in a chair weave. Much cheaper, and more durable - especially the cord.

$8.00 worth of poly cord in each of these seats...

If you decide to replace the cane
and have either Woodcraft or Rockler Woodworking stores nearby you can obtain materials and information.


Thanks for your response

I appreciate your response

Thanks for the info on re-caning. Maybe I’ll try it

Sounds great! But how did you know how to do the poly cord chair weave?


I’ll look them up.

you’re welcome , keep us posted , thanks

How did I know?
Basically - I looked at a picture and did my best to copy it.